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We are excited to announce that we will be opening daycare effective Monday, 5/18!

Obviously, due to the current restrictions and concerns for contamination, it will be necessary for us to open with some new protocols in place.

Our daycare hours will be from 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. Monday – Friday.

So that we are adequately staffed, but not “overstaffed”, we would appreciate an e-mail or call that you are bringing your dog for daycare the day before.  If you know you want to bring your dog specific days each week, let us know that and we will plan accordingly.

One of our employees will meet you at the door unless the weather is nice and staff and dogs can be outside, which according to the current forecast for next week looks like outside daycare will be a strong possibility!   YAY!!!

You will still need to bring your dog’s leash inside to their cubby and check your dog in.  If it is cold or rainy outside, you would bring your dog inside as usual.   Until further notice about any changes, we ask that you respect the 6’ social distancing guidelines and wear masks.

We will be checking the temperatures of each of our staff at the beginning of their shift to ensure everyone is healthy.   We request that you help us protect our staff by wearing a mask as well.    If your dog has potentially been exposed to someone who has the virus, please do NOT bring your dog to DoGone Fun unless it has already had a bath since their exposure.

Alyssa placed lots of orders this week to restock our shelves for food and toys, so we’re ready.

If you have recently updated or replaced your credit card, please be sure that your credit card information is current in our system.

We’ve GREATLY missed both our furry and people friends and are looking forward to seeing both you and your dog next week!

If you have any questions, call us.  We are not maintaining full hours this week, but will be checking messages and will return your call.


Beverley & Betty


Our goal is to
“Treat Every Dog like Our Own.”

We hire only people who are passionate about dogs and who understand how very important your dog is to you.
It is the experience of our staff and their love of dogs that sets us apart in the quality of care
that DoGone Fun! provides for your treasured pet.

Beverley Petrunich, Owner




Thank you,

DGF Staff


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Dog Daycare

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Dogs love us…of course!
Here is what their humans have to say

“ DoGone Fun is Max’s home away from home. I completely trust that Max will be cared for in the same manner he is cared for at home. From playing with his pooch buddies, to much needed naps and the always wanted cuddles that he receives from staff, Max LOVES being at DoGone Fun. I wouldn’t trust Max to any other facility. DoGone Fun! is the DoGone Best!”

– Cheney R. Cherry, MBA (Max the Morkie)