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    Recommended by 90 people
    I have had classes (group and individual) for both of my dogs in the past 10 years. Judit and Kat been most knowledgeable in helping me resolve specific issues that each dog had. They even gave a discount because both dogs were adopted. :-) Individual classes my seem a bit pricey, but the knowledge and peace-of-mind that comes with it was so worth it! See More
    Dog Gone Fun is amazing! They truly care about your animal. I’ve utilized them for multiple holiday ...trips for multiple years and my dog always had an amazing time. They provide a lot of time for active play and the add-ons (like cuddle time and special meals) make it extra special. I highly recommend to anyone in the Chigoland area. See More
    Everyone there is amazing. My dog is a handful and she absolutely loves going to see Judit and Kat a...nd the crew. They treat her like a queen even though she can sometimes be a little bit overwhelming. I'm a doctor and definitely couldn't work the crazy hours I do and have a pup too if it weren't for them. Amazing highly recommend!! See More
    Tug war! @dear.theo_westie @mrmurraymannen just having fun! #dogonefun #doggiedaycare #chicago #urbandog #tugwar #fun #dogs #dogsofinstagram #southloop #ohthefun #lovedogs #dogsplaying #dogtoys
    Daisy Wallace Massage time
    Sunday on the snow! #doggiedaycare #chicago #urbandog #lovedogs #doglife #dogsbeingbasic #snow #southloop #chocolate #chocolatelab #crazydog
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