What To Do When The Furbaby Hates a Crate

dog in a crate.

A crate provides dogs with a safe and cozy place to stay while you’re not home. You can also use a crate to help with house training. When you’re crate training your pup, keep in mind that you might hear a lot of crying and whining. What should you do if your dog seems to hate being in a crate? Use the following information to help you out.

Why Dogs Cry in Crates

Dogs cry or whine in crates due to their social nature. They want to be with their family members instead of being alone. While this is a normal occurrence, there are ways to get dogs used to crates. In fact, crates serve as a place where dogs can feel secure and comfortable with the right training.

Crate Training Basics

Making crate training a positive experience is the key to helping dogs feel happy in their crate. Be patient with your pup, and only have him stay in the crate for short periods of time at first. Put a favorite toy and a soft blanket in it to make the crate more enticing. You should start by letting your dog get used to the crate slowly. Use treats to build a positive association with the crate, and avoid closing your dog in there right away. Leave the door open until your dog can stay in the crate quietly. At this point, you can start closing the door of the crate and leaving your dog in it for longer periods of time.

Consider Doggy Daycare

Your dog doesn’t necessarily have to stay cooped up in a crate for hours while you’re at work during the day. Doggy daycare offers a chance for your pup to be able to spend time with several other dogs and play all day. This provides your dog with companionship when you’re not around and helps prevent boredom and frustration from being left alone.

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