The Benefits of Dog Training You Might Never Have Thought Were Possible

As a loving dog owner, it is pretty common that a dog’s behavior has the acute ability to make or break your day.  We’ve all experienced that deflating and then volcanic emotion when you try time and time again to correct an irritating behavior.  One day you think you have mastered it, only to have them turn around and do it all over again! You begin to sense that your furry bundle of joy is just plain spiteful, but nothing could be further from the truth.  Some have even gone so far to rearrange their lifestyles to accommodate their dog’s behavior.  This is why proper dog training is so important.  It is not just beneficial for the dog, but it can be a life saver for you.

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To make a difference in the behavior of your dog, it takes the guidance of a good dog trainer along with a commitment on your part.  They can demonstrate for you all the different ways dogs tend to “forget” and most importantly how to get them on track with as little resistance as possible.  But what a professional dog trainer can really do is show you how beneficial dog training is for you, the owner, and how to reduce the stress bad behavior may cause in your life.  Here are some little known benefits that proper dog training can give you:

  • Provides a better understanding of your dog.

We all love our dogs but having a true bond with the animal gives you a better understanding of their personality and allows you to identify their needs better.  The more time you spend with your dog in a positive environment, the stronger the bond grows.

  • You will become more confident and social.

A well behaved dog tends to get a warmer welcome in more places which in turn allows you to take your dog with you more often.  Social interaction is crucial in a dog’s development of good manners.  The ultimate reward is inviting people to your home knowing your dog won’t be the embarrassment of the evening!

  • It could actually be a life-saver.

It’s not something you ever want to think about, but living in a busy city like Chicago can offer the potential of dangerous situations for dogs.  Professional training gives you the peace of mind that if a dangerous situation occurs, your dog will respond to a given command and will safely return to your side.  Obedience training is the best defense for avoiding an unfortunate situation.

A happier and more peaceful life is waiting for you and your dog.