It’s A Great Time To Train Your Dog

train your dogObedience training isn’t just about getting your dog to listen to different commands. It also offers other benefits for your dog’s well-being, such as a chance to work on socialization. Learn more about why this is an ideal time to sign your dog up for training classes

Benefits of Socialization

All dogs need to be socialized in order to help them learn to handle new situations and unfamiliar people, dogs and other animals calmly. During training classes, dogs have many opportunities to become used to being around other dogs and people in a safe environment. These opportunities allow your dog to adapt to new surroundings while exhibiting appropriate behavior rather than acting fearful or aggressive. Building these skills means that your dog will behave properly in all kinds of settings and situations.


Behavioral Problems

Dogs that don’t get enough opportunities to be around other dogs and learn how to behave properly can develop behavioral problems. These problems can also occur when dogs are bored and aren’t given chances to burn off energy. Dogs that don’t get out enough can end up chewing shoes, doors and other items in the home in order to relieve frustration and boredom. They might urinate or defecate indoors even though they’ve been house trained. Other behavioral problems that can develop include barking excessively and exhibiting timid or aggressive behavior around other dogs or people, such as growling, snarling or lunging. Keep in mind that fearful or aggressive dogs can be a danger to other pets and people.


Training Classes

DoGone Fun offers training classes to help dogs learn commands while also providing opportunities for them to interact with other dogs in a safe, supervised setting. Having dogs attend these classes lowers the risk of having behavioral problems develop. This can make your pet more pleasant to be around in general, which can make the bond between you stronger. Keep in mind that you can also rent the training room at DoGone Fun for your personal use during mornings and some evenings.


Agility Classes

Dogs that are already well-trained can benefit from taking agility classes at DoGone Fun. These classes provide a fun and challenging way for dogs to test their skills and learn new ones, which provides both mental and physical stimulation. Agility classes give dogs a great way to burn off energy while also spending time with other dogs.