How Long Does Crate Training Take?

A crate can provide your dog with a cozy, safe place to sleep at night or give her somewhere to go when she wants some quiet time. It can also prevent her from causing trouble in other parts of your home. You can also use a crate to help with the house training process, since most dogs won’t soil their sleeping area. How long does crate training take? That really depends on your dog. Some dogs get used to being in a crate within days, while it can take weeks for others to feel comfortable and secure. Older dogs can take longer to train if they’ve never been in a crate before, while calmer dogs of any age usually adapt to crates more quickly than excitable dogs that don’t like being confined. There are some things you can do to help make the crate training process go more smoothly.

Get a Cozy Crate

Buy a crate that gives her enough room to turn around and stand up, but don’t get one that’s too big. Otherwise, she might soil one part of it and sleep in another area. If your dog is a puppy, look for a crate that she’ll still fit in when she’s fully grown. Just make sure you block off the extra space for now until she’s bigger.

Make It a Pleasant Experience,

The best way to help your dog get used to her crate is to make sure she associates it with something positive. Put a blanket in there to make it more comfortable for her. Don’t force her into the crate. Instead, remove the door and let her go in on her own. You can place a few treats near the crate and inside it to entice her. Calling her over to the crate in a pleasant tone of voice might also help encourage her to explore it.

Don’t Rush

Give your dog time to adjust to being kept in a crate. Start putting her food bowl just inside the crate, then move it farther back as she gets more comfortable eating in there. Eventually, you’ll be able to close the door as she eats and leave it closed for longer and longer periods of time when she’s done eating. Over time, she’ll be able to handle staying in her crate for as long as you need her to.