How dangerous is Christmas for your pup?

Christmas is a fun and festive time of year, but could it be a hazardous one for your pup? If you have a puppy in your home this holiday season, you’ll need to take steps to ensure safety which may include doggy daycare or boarding. Christmas does have some dangers that can easily be avoided so that you and your pup can enjoy a happy holiday without unexpected trips to the vet.

Hide Wires

Teething can be just as uncomfortable for puppies as it can be for human babies, which could result in chewing dangerous objects. Puppies also use their teeth to explore their environment. To prevent electric shocks or fire hazards, keep wires from Christmas lights and other decorations secured and hidden away where your puppy can’t get to them.


Secure the Tree

Having a Christmas tree in the home can make puppies even more curious. Jumping at the tree or trying to reach ornaments and garland on it could cause the tree to fall over, so it’s important to make sure that yours is secure. If you usually get a live tree, block off the bottom part to keep your pup from trying to drink the tree water, which can have bacteria in it.


Keep Breakable Decorations Out of Reach

Put breakable Christmas decorations, such as round ornaments, up higher so your pup can’t reach them and accidentally break them. If this happens, your pup could get hurt by shards of plastic or glass on the floor.


Get Artificial Mistletoe and Holly

Live versions of these plants can cause serious health problems if your pup eats them. Choose artificial versions of mistletoe and holly for decorating your home this Christmas.


Watch Holiday Foods

It’s not just decorations that you have to worry about. Make sure cookies and other holiday goodies with chocolate in them are not kept where your puppy can reach them. Chocolate is dangerous for dogs to consume and can be life-threatening. Don’t give your puppy any holiday leftover foods that are high in fat or spice, and never give them bones to chew on.


If you’re worried about keeping your pup out of trouble, consider training classes or puppy daycare. Training teaches pups how to listen to certain commands and behave better overall, while daycare offers a safe place for puppies to spend the day if their owners can’t be around. Both options can help keep your pet safe this holiday season.