Finding Dog Behavior Solutions Through The Power of Positive Thinking

positive reinforcement dog trainingThere are few things in this world that positive thoughts cannot overcome. The power of positive thinking has been taught since the beginning of time it seems, yet few people ever truly master it. Negative thoughts can become extremely toxic in our actions and this is particularly true for dog training. Finding dog behavior solutions through the power of positive thinking is just the beginning.

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Think about when your dog misbehaves by charging at the door when a guest arrives. Immediately your thought is your dog is bad or maybe it creates anger inside you. Trying to find appropriate dog behavior solutions when negative thoughts are in your head will create nothing but negative results. The best way to resolve this is to change how you really think about that particular situation. Instead of feeling hopeless in the fact that your dog is misbehaving, realize that most dogs act this same way and that his learned behavior can change by giving him some positive training. Replace bad behavior with new skills.

What is the most common Dog Behavior?

The most common behavior Professional Dog Trainers encounter with their student dogs is aggression. It is a complex emotion that many studies have found to be reactionary. What that simply means is dogs tend to react to negativity around them with aggression. Dog training through positive reinforcement offers dog behavior solutions that are easy to maintain once they leave the training ring simply by turning a negative thought to a positive one. Most dogs react well to positive reinforcement and it is always amazing to see how fast their aggression levels drop and how well they maintain their composure in reality based situations.

Judit Arroyo, Director of Training at DoGone Fun in Chicago incorporates the power of positive reinforcement with all her clients. She has spent years perfecting her training style and by incorporating positive training methods, she has found it is not only more effective but does wonders to a dog’s mind, body and soul. Here she explains it perfectly. “Dogs learn through operant conditioning–they learn based on the consequences of their actions. These consequences can be good, neutral, or bad. Good consequences or positive reinforcement of a specific behavior will increase the likelihood that your dog will repeat that behavior. It is equally important that we keep the consequences of undesirable behaviors neutral, and avoid accidently reinforcing them. Positive training works with every dog if the technique is applied correctly and is balanced between training and management. We work closely with our clients to make sure every dog is getting the best learning experience and understands the concepts being taught. This is the surest path to long-term training success.”

What’s most interesting in working with a positive reinforcement based dog trainer is how it transforms our own lives as well. The more you here positive thoughts, the more positive you become. Positive people are happier, they live longer and are more successful. Try to make positive thinking a way of life just like you have by choosing positive dog training. The more you filter out those negative thoughts the more confident you will become and you will achieve success.