Dog Boarding Near You with Training Available

dogs at daycare
Dogs aren’t born with good manners or the ability to pass the Canine Good Citizens Test. That takes a lot of time and effort in the form of obedience training. If you’ll be going away and putting your pet in a dog boarding facility, that’s a great time to have him do some training. Whether your dog needs to work on following certain commands or learn how to overcome a behavioral issue, such as jumping on people, consider signing him up for training sessions while he’s away from home. At DoGone Fun, our dog boarding and daycare facility offers one-on-one training.

Benefits of Training While Boarding

Setting up training sessions for your dog while he’s boarding gives him something to focus on while you’re away. Training sessions are typically short and spread out throughout the day, so your dog won’t get bored. Instead, he’ll have fun one-on-one sessions to enjoy in between playing with other dogs. During these sessions, a certified dog trainer will be working with your pet to help him follow commands better or to help him overcome a behavioral issue. With plenty of patience and guidance, your dog will soon learn to behave and listen better, which will help strengthen your bond with him.

If you don’t have a lot of time to focus on training your dog, having him go through training while he’s at our dog boarding facility makes things much more convenient for you. You can count on your dog’s trainer to work with him on a regular basis during his stay. When you pick him up, our trainer will go over what your dog has learned and provide you with tips on making sure that he continues to follow his training.

Training at Our Dog Boarding Facility

At DoGone Fun, we offer one-on-one daily training sessions for our boarders through our Board ‘N’ Train package. Our trainer will work individually with your dog and keep you updated on his progress during his stay. You’ll also get to have a one-hour meeting with the trainer to learn more about your dog’s progress. Instead of following a generalized training program, this one will focus specifically on areas that your dog could use some help with. Your dog will have a great time learning, which will help make his stay with us even more enjoyable for him.