Dog Training is as important for you as it is your dog.

Spring has definitely sprung here in Chicago! Walk past any dog park in Pilsen, The Loop or Little Italy and you will see that winter is mostly over. The dogs are thrilled to be out and about and reconnecting with nature. But as a dog owner, sometimes the thrill of the first warm day at the dog park can bring some anxiety. Will he behave around other dogs? Will I end up chasing him all over the place? If you ask yourself these questions, you are not alone! The answer is right here with DoGone Fun specialized dog training.

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Dog training has evolved and grown over the past ten years. At one time specialized dog training was only available for canine law enforcement. Times have changed and personalized dog training has become quite mainstream for dog owners. Our certified dog training staff has developed many different programs that focus on the essence of how we socialize our dogs. With our dog training classes, we don’t just teach them how to get along with other dogs, more importantly we teach them to focus on YOU in the presence of other dogs. We look for the level of distraction the dog can handle and set goals for you to be able to interact with your dog in ways that make him want to engage in a place he normally wouldn’t before the training. As training progresses, we gradually increase the expectation of what we want a dog to do before he gets a reward. Positive reinforcement yields positive results!

Success will be achieved if the training and socialization continue outside of classes. We encourage all our clients to follow through with their specific training class. This increases your ability to handle any distraction that you may encounter and builds your confidence to maintain the respect between you and your dog. We know that questions always come up and we are here to give you the support you need and answer your questions as efficiently as we can. Finding dog behavior solutions through our superior training will make that day at the dog park fun and stress free.