Benefits of Giving Dog Training as a Gift with a New Puppy

group dog trainingAre you gifting someone with the joy of a puppy this holiday season? Then you should consider giving dog training as a gift as well – an excellent and appreciated accessory gift, especially for first-time owners. Dog training provides many benefits to both pup and owner, easing everyday struggles and ensuring a more enjoyable journey.

Benefits of Giving the Gift of Training with a New Puppy

Dog training has been shown to be the single most important factor in securing a dog’s “forever” home. There are many reasons to give the gift of dog training for new puppy:

  • Get off to a great start.
    Puppy training classes help a puppy and its new family get started off right. Puppy training ensures puppy and owner learn how to interact with each other and their environment in a positive way.
  • Build the foundation for a great, lasting relationship.
    Attending training sessions together sets the stage for the future, enhancing puppy/owner partnerships and building bonds that last a lifetime.
  • Learn how to handle common dog (mis)behaviors.
    Training helps new puppy owners learn how to handle typical puppy (mis)behaviors like housetraining, chewing, and digging.
  • Encourage good doggy manners.
    Puppy prep and obedience training ensures dogs form the skills owners want from the start, such as coming when called, cooperating with walking on a leash, politely greeting guests, and more.
  • Develop key socialization skills.
    Studies show puppy socialization is integral to the psychological health of adult dogs, and puppy training classes provide excellent opportunities for this essential facet of development.
  • Broaden the range of activities in which a dog can take part.
    Trained dogs can join in on more family events, such as visits to friends, kid’s sporting events, hiking, swimming, and other regular events enjoyed by the family.


Ensure a joyful holiday experience that lasts a lifetime. Give the gift that keeps on giving with puppy prep and obedience training classes from DoGone Fun today.