Dog Muzzles: Are Those Okay?

training a dog with a dog muzzleDog muzzles help prevent dogs from being able to bite or snap at other dogs or people, but are they okay to use? While you can use them in certain situations, there are other times that you should never use one. Find out more about the right and wrong times to utilize one on your dog.

When You Shouldn’t Use a Dog Muzzle

You should never put a muzzle on your dog as a way to stop him from possibly biting visitors at your home or at a local dog park. If your dog is already feeling anxious or overwhelmed in these types of situations, applying one can make things worse. You should also avoid having your dog wear a muzzle as a way to teach him that you’re in charge. For example, don’t put a muzzle on your dog and remove his food bowl if he’s a resource guarder. There are more positive ways to deal with these behavioral issues.

When You Should One

If you have reason to worry that your dog might bite another dog or person while you’re out for walks or in a public area, it’s okay to use one on him. This helps prevent him from snapping or biting at a dog that runs up to him, or a child or adult who tries to pet him without your permission. Keep in mind that a muzzle is also okay for dogs to wear during certain dog training activities, veterinary procedures or grooming tasks.

How to Use  Dog Muzzles

Having your dog wear one goes a lot smoother when you get him used to it. You can do this by letting your dog explore the muzzle first through sniffing. When he seems more comfortable, you can put the muzzle on and give him some treats while he’s wearing it. This helps your dog form a positive association with the muzzle. Have your dog wear the muzzle at home for gradually longer periods of time until he seems calm with it on. Getting him used to wearing it can make it easier for you to put it on him when you need to.

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