Agility Training Helps Dogs Channel Excess Energy

agility dog training

When winter arrives, it’s not uncommon for pets and people to feel cooped up and restless. For rambunctious pets, agility training helps dogs channel that extra energy.

How Does Agility Training Help Dogs

Agility training provides your pooch mental and physical stimulation. It is also an excellent way to strengthen the ties that bind, improving the way you and your pup communicate. In addition, agility training can increase confidence and drive, a boon for shy or nervous pets.

How Does Agility Training Work?

Agility training prepares you to guide your pooch through a pre-set obstacle course. It begins with the two of you learning basic communication skills so you can later verbally and physically guide your dog through an activity course. Classes are about once per week, with ‘homework’ of 15-20 minutes a day, expected.

What Does an Agility Training Course Look Like?

Agility training courses typically have 15-20 obstacles, as well as ‘pause tables’ where your dog must stop for a set amount of time. Trials your dog might face include: Tables

  • Tunnels
  • Jumps of different heights
  • Broad jumps
  • Tire jumps
  • Seesaws
  • Weave poles
  • Rear crosses
  • Lateral lead-outs
  • And more…

Is Agility Training Right for My Dog?

If you’re interested in engaging in an agility training adventure, you should begin with a trip to the vet. What will your vet look for to decide if your pet can handle agility training?

  • Vaccinations
    Your dog must be up to date and spayed/neutered to attend.
  • Age
    Because agility training can be high-impact and your pup’s bones are still developing, agility training is typically recommended for dogs over a year old.
  • Physical Condition
    Dogs with hip and elbow dysplasia or vision problems require careful consideration.
  • Temperament
    Energetic, social dogs take best to agility training. But don’t fret. Though shy and nervous dogs may experience performance anxiety, agility training is known to improve these issues.

What About My Fitness Level?

Relax. You don’t need to be a world-class runner to participate in agility training with your dog. Watching an agility competition in person can help you know what to expect – after you’ve learned the basics.

Don’t be a restless winter recluse. Get out there and get active with your pet, taking part in one of the fastest-growing dog sports nationwide. Learn more about all of the dog training DoGone Fun offers.