Why is it important to have a puppy groomed?

Why is it important to have a puppy groomed?

Bringing home a new puppy can be an experience filled with ups and downs. On the one hand, having a cuddly new family member will lift anyone’s spirits. On the other, housebreaking and training and training a puppy can pose quite a challenge. Puppy grooming is another important piece of the puzzle that is beneficial for both you and your furry friend.

Health and Safety of your Puppy

More than just keeping your pet looking great, puppy grooming helps to stave off possible health conditions and safety issues, too. Groomers are trained to inspect your puppy’s sensitive ears for mites, infections, or other irritations. They also know the proper techniques for cleaning a dog’s ears without causing harm. Then, the nails are inspected and clipped, if necessary, so you don’t have to worry about accidentally cutting too far and hitting the blood vessels.

A professional groomer can also spot abnormalities and changes to your pet’s skin and coat and will check for pests like fleas and ticks before giving your puppy a thorough washing, rinsing, and drying. Lastly, the puppy will get a good, soothing brushing to remove excess fur.

Emotional Comfort of your Puppy

Beginning puppy grooming at an early age will help establish good habits and aid in proper socialization. Your pet will learn that it is okay for people to touch and groom her and she will learn to be agreeable when it comes to bathing, ear cleaning, and nail clipping. Ask your groomer if they have a Puppy Introduction Program in place and to explain the process to you.

The right groomer can also help puppies learn to trust people other than her owner. Routine handling that is gentle and soothing from other people can condition your puppy to be less defensive when touched by others and she will eventually come to enjoy the interaction.

Good for Everyone

In the end, puppy grooming is good for both you and your pet. Your puppy gets to have a fun field trip with loving caretakers and be spoiled and pampered. You get the reassurance that a professional is inspecting your pet from snout to tail on a regular basis, and get a clean, beautiful pup to snuggle up to and enjoy.