Top Puppy Problems To Resolve

Top Puppy Problems To Resolve

Getting a puppy is not without challenges. Essentially, you will be teaching your puppy to behave in a way that is suitable for your environment. However, for the most part, the top puppy problems are the same across the board, whether your puppy will grow up to be a service dog, a loving house pet, or a hunting dog.

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House Training A Puppy

Use positive reinforcement for potty outside rather than punishment for accidents in the house. Be vigilant, consistent and aware of the signals your puppy is giving when he needs to potty. Crate training to prevent indoor mishaps is also very helpful.

Puppy Digging

There is just something about digging that a dog inherently loves! However, dogs live in the moment and can be easily distracted with something better to do. Most dogs dig out of boredom and frustration, so make sure your pup gets plenty of exercise, mental stimulation and affection. You will find that a puppy left unattended will more than likely find its own stimulation, like digging.

Puppy Nipping

Puppy teeth could be used as razors, they’re so sharp. Nipping is a natural play for puppies in a litter, but it’s not an appropriate behavior you want to encourage with humans. We would never advocate “spanking” your dog, so don’t smack your puppy when he nips. There are two kind and humane ways to deter your pup from nipping. When he bites, make an “Ow” should loud enough that he is startled and stops. Try different tones if the one you use is interpreted as playful. Another way, is to gently nudge your hand towards their back teeth. This is not a sensation dogs enjoy, do your pup will associate nipping you with this uncomfortable sensation.

Puppy Jumping

If your dog is not a Jack Russell, you probably don’t really understand how annoying jumping is. It seems that whatever you do, you just can’t keep them down. That bouncing puppy won’t miraculously stop jumping at adulthood, never encourage jumping as a puppy. Keep greetings low key and squat to pup’s level and discourage any leaping by ignoring the puppy’s behavior.