Learning How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast

Learning How to Potty Train a Puppy Fast

Teaching your puppy to eliminate outside is a crucial part of caring for her. Otherwise, you’ll be stuck cleaning up unsightly and unhygienic messes in your house. It takes patience to get your puppy to understand where she should go, but you can speed this process along by following some important steps on how to potty train a puppy.

Know When to Take Your Puppy Out

Young puppies typically have to go every hour unless they’re sleeping, but keep in mind that every puppy is different. Pay close attention to times when she might have to go out earlier, such as after drinking water or after playing or running around a lot. You should also take your puppy out when she wakes up, before she goes to bed or before she’s going to be left alone. You might want to write down the times that you take her out, so you won’t forget. Keeping track of her potty training times can help things go more smoothly and help her learn faster.

Show Your Puppy Where to Go

Take your puppy outside when it’s time for her to eliminate. If she does do what she’s supposed to outside, praise her so that she associates eliminating outside with a rewarding experience. For faster training, take your puppy to the same area each time instead of letting her wander around the yard. This will help her learn where she is supposed to go. If you can’t take her outside for any reason, you’ll need to set up an enclosed area with puppy training pads or newspapers for her to go on.

Feed Your Puppy on a Schedule

Giving your puppy food on a set schedule helps regulate her system, which can help speed up the potty training process. It might also reduce accidents, since you’ll know roughly when she’ll need to go. Avoid giving your puppy food or too many treats in between her meals, or you might throw off the elimination schedule.

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