Puppies: Everything you need to know!

Puppies: Everything you need to know!

Before you buy a puppy, have you considered adoption? Of the nearly 4 million dogs that enter a shelter each year, it is estimated that between 31% – 56%  (based on different calculations) are euthanized.

Some say that caring for a dog is like caring for a baby that will never grow up. As with having a child, its always important to know that you are truly ready to welcome a new family member.

Once you’ve made the decision that you are prepared to take on the responsibility of owning a dog, you should always be sure to select a breed that is compatible with you. Click here for a quick quiz that will help you narrow down which breed is right for you!


While DoGoneFun! mainly provides services to more mature dogs, we know that puppies grow to be these mature dogs.  We also know, having been in the dog business for a long time, that puppies can be a challenge.

Below please find just a few of the services we can offer your new pooch:

Puppy Daycare with Brain Games: $40/day

Puppy Grooming Introduction program: $25-$45

Introduce your puppy to grooming so their perception will be that a bath or cut/style is a positive experience rather than negative. For more information

Puppy Preschool (Group Class): $199

Your dog’s puppyhood is the most important period of his life. It is in their early stages that we want to teach them positive habits and build their confidence. Our comprehensive Puppy Pre-School covers all aspects of raising a puppy and proper socialization in the city. Learn how to build a positive relationship with you pup through training games and obedience exercises. Throughout the course you and your pup will also be “tested” to become AKC’s STAR puppy.

Four-week Ivy League Personal Training Program: $899 (Does not include cost of Daycare)

This individualized program offers a consistent training experience and takes the pressure off you, the owner. This approach is very valuable for new puppies that need to learn basic manners. The duration of the Ivy League program allows the trainer to customize lessons and reinforce desired behaviors to achieve your specific goals.The trainer meets with each owner for an hour each week to demonstrate your dog’s progress and offer tips for reinforcing the new good behavior.

If you have specific questions about grooming, training, dog daycare or boarding your puppy, please feel free to contact us, we’re here to help!