WOOF Act: DoGone Fun Supports It.

woof act

When people decide to get a dog for their home, some choose to buy a puppy rather than adopting one. Although there are reputable breeders around, there are also many puppy mills. These puppy mills are places that focus on producing high numbers of puppies and selling them for a profit. Dogs that are in these mills are kept in cramped, dirty conditions and often have serious health issues. The WOOF Act seeks to crack down on these mills, and DoGone Fun is proud to support this legislation.

The WOOF Act

The WOOF Act, which stands for “Welfare of Our Friends,” is a bipartisan bill that was reintroduced recently in February. This bill aims to close loopholes that let puppy mills continue to operate even if they have had several violations of the Animal Welfare Act. These loopholes currently allow puppy mill owners with revoked or suspended licenses to get new licenses by using a different name, such as a family member’s name. The US Department of Agriculture has also been issuing new licenses for problem breeders who have had multiple violations, such as not providing seriously ill animals with veterinary care.

The WOOF Act would help put a stop to these practices and make it harder for puppy mill owners or problem breeders to obtain new licenses or have their license renewed. This act ended up with 167 co-sponsors when it was originally introduced in Congress.

Puppy Mill Problems

Puppy mills are notorious for housing dogs used for breeding, and their puppies, in unsafe, unsanitary and inhumane conditions. Females are expected to breed over and over, resulting in serious health problems. The puppies they have often have health issues as well. In addition to the WOOF Act, encouraging others to adopt dogs instead of buying them can help put a stop to the use of puppy mills.

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