Tips for Introducing a New Puppy to an Older Dog

puppy introductionAre you thinking of adding a new pet to the family this holiday season? Though bringing a new puppy into the home is a joyful event, it can be filled with many trials and tribulations, particularly if you have an older dog in the house. How can you make this transition as smooth as possible for your pup and older pooch? We have a few tips to help you ensure your older friend doesn’t feel hurt or jealous.

When Possible, Introduce Your New Pup on Neutral Territory

Whenever possible, it’s best to introduce your new puppy on neutral grounds. Avoid places your older dog frequents, including your home, yard, and neighborhood where he walks. Good options include public parks, parking lots, and other pet-friendly spaces.


Don’t Neglect Giving Your Older Dog One-On-One Attention

Your old friend deserves one-on-one attention without the new puppy climbing all over him. It’s good to put your pup away in his crate, pen, or the yard during this time. This is good for your new pup, too, helping him understand the world does not always revolve around him.


Don’t Leave Your Older Dog & Puppy Alone Together

Youngsters can be annoying even to those nearest and dearest to them. Your older dog is no stranger to these feelings, regardless of their nurturing nature. If your puppy takes his playful peskiness a bit too far, he could get unintentionally hurt by your older dog.


Be Cautious When Gifting Toys & Treats

It’s easy for feelings of jealousy to flare when highly coveted treats and toys are being distributed. Keep these feelings in check by separating dogs at these times to avoid altercations.


Help Your Older Dog Feel Secure of His Role in the Family

Remember, if your older dog’s emotional well-being is neglected, the experience will not be positive for anyone. Taking everyone’s feelings into account ensures a happy household.

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