Things to Consider Before Giving a Puppy as a Gift

Giving a Puppy as a GiftAre you thinking about sharing the love of a puppy with a friend or family member this holiday season? Puppies are a great joy, however, not everyone may be ready to receive a puppy as a gift. Because a furry little life is on the line, it’s wise to consider this decision carefully before giving a puppy as a gift.

Things to Consider Before Giving a Puppy as a Gift

  • Space
    Consider the size and temperament of the pup with the housing of its intended family. Puppies need room to live, play, and potty, presenting challenges to those living in apartments and homes without greenspace.
  • Financial situation.
    Pets require a significant and longstanding investment in food and health care. Unexpected illnesses and injuries, such as a pup that swallows a toy or gets injured in an accident, can quickly add up to thousands.
  • Families with children.
    While children may adore the idea of a cute, fuzzy little puppy, a family may have other demands that take priority. Puppies require a significant investment in time and energy, and giving a puppy as a gift may not be the best gift for families with ‘2 under 2’ or older children with a hectic after school sports schedule.
  • The health of older adults.
    If your friend is barely getting around, a rambunctious puppy, particularly one that will grow to a large size, may be too much for her. Those in poor health could also end up orphaning a puppy.
  • Major life changes.
    Those who have recently graduated, are expecting a baby, or suffering a health crisis more than likely do not need a puppy at this tumultuous time.
  • The health of older adults.
    If your friend or loved one is a frequent traveler, they may feel tied down by a puppy. Worse, the pup could suffer severe separation anxiety when repeatedly left behind.
  • Work schedule.
    Social and dependent, a puppy may not be the best idea for someone working 50-60 hour workweeks. Puppies need someone dedicated to their care.

A Puppy is a Lifetime Commitment

Has your friend or family member expressed they are prepared for the responsibility of a puppy and committed to their lifelong care? If so, the addition of a new furry family member can make a wonderful gift, alongside all the accoutrements of a successful puppy introduction, such as bedding, food, and toys.

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