Keep the Pup Warm This Winter In Chicago

Chihuahua in hat, coat and shoes standing on winter snowChicago winter can bring a lot of snow and plenty of cold weather. When you take your dog for walks this season, it’s important to make sure that she’s protected from the elements. Dogs can get frostbite or hypothermia from exposure to extreme cold, especially if they get wet while they’re outdoors. A high-quality doggy coat can go a long way toward keeping your pup dry and warm during winter walks.

Lightweight Design

Winter coats and jackets for dogs can easily become too bulky to be comfortable. They can also restrict your dog’s movements, making it harder for her to walk around safely outside. Look for winter coats and jackets for dogs that provide plenty of warmth while also featuring a lightweight design. Some of these items have reflective material inside that helps keep body heat in, which allows your dog to stay warm without her having to deal with heavy material.


Safety Features

Since it gets dark out so early in winter, it’s important to make sure that your dog is also highly visible during evening or nighttime walks. Consider getting a dog coat or jacket that has reflective strips or tubing on the outside. These strips or tubing make it easier for drivers to see your dog as you’re crossing streets. They also help other people sharing the sidewalk with you notice your dog, so they won’t accidentally bump into you.


Adjustable Fit

If you have a more active dog who loves to run around in the snow, having a coat or jacket with an adjustable fit is important. Look for coats or jackets with wider fasteners and Velcro patches that make it easier for dogs to move their legs around while they’re playing outdoors.


Waterproof Material

Almost any dog coat or jacket will keep your dog warm, but you also need to find one that keeps him dry. Check for dog coats or jackets that are made with waterproof material. This helps ensure that your dog remains as dry as possible while he’s playing in the snow or going for walks when it’s snowing out.

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