Holiday goodies you should never feed a dog

The holidays are a great time for people to enjoy fresh baked goodies and festive meals, but some of these foods should never be given to dogs. Find out more about some of the holiday treats and other foods that you should keep out of your dog’s reach this holiday season.

Chocolate Goodies

Anything that has chocolate in it, such as cookies, pies, candy and other sweet treats, should never be kept where dogs can get it. Chocolate has substances that are toxic for dogs, which can make them very ill and possibly endanger their life if they eat enough of it. Consuming chocolate can cause milder symptoms, such as diarrhea, but it can also lead to seizures and heart problems. Whether you have a tray of chocolate chip cookies or a small dish with chocolate candy, make sure it’s not where your dog can reach it.


Fatty Foods

Dogs have a difficult time digesting foods that are rich or have a high fat content. This includes skin from turkey, along with gravy, so only give your dog cooked portions of turkey meat without the skin. These fatty foods can also cause inflammation in the pancreas, which could result in more serious health issues.


Turkey Bones

If you’ll be having a turkey or other meat with bones at your holiday feast, don’t give your dog any of the bones. When you cook bones, they become weaker and are more likely to splinter when chewed. This can become a choking hazard for dogs or cause problems in their digestive system if they swallow bone fragments. In fact, some dogs end up needing surgery to remove these fragments.


Raisins and Nuts

Some holiday goodies have raisins, nuts or both in them, which can be hazardous for dogs. Raisins can cause serious kidney problems in dogs, including kidney failure, which is life-threatening. Some types of nuts, such as walnuts and pecans, can cause digestive problems or more serious health issues for dogs. Peanuts are a safe choice for dogs, but make sure that any peanut butter they have doesn’t contain xylitol, since this can be dangerous for dogs.


If you want to give your dog holiday goodies this season, some foods are safe. These include cooked pieces of turkey with no skin or bones, plain green beans and plain mashed potatoes. These foods provide dogs with nutrients without putting their health at risk.

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