Don’t Leave Your Dog In the Car- It’s Too Hot

dog in a hot car

Some dogs love being in the car, especially with the windows down, but cars can be a dangerous place for them when it’s hot out. Taking your dog for a ride is fine, but you should avoid bringing him with you if you’ll be leaving him alone for any length of time in the car.

Interior Vehicle Temperatures

The temperature inside your car rises rapidly on hot days. This isn’t a problem while you’re driving around with the air conditioning on or the windows down, but it can quickly become a life-threatening issue for your pet when you’re parked. In fact, the American Veterinary Medical Association warns that interior temperatures in parked cars can go up 20 degrees in ten minutes. The longer your car stays parked, the hotter it gets inside. This puts your pet at high risk of becoming dangerously ill, or dead.

Factors to Consider

Some people think it’s safe to leave pets in cars if it’s not too hot outside or if they leave the window cracked open a bit and park in a shady spot. However, this doesn’t stop the interior temperature from becoming too high for your pet. Even if it’s in the 70’s and you find a parking spot in the shade, your pet would still be in serious danger of getting sick from overheating. When you know that you’ll be going into stores or other places that your pet isn’t allowed in, even if it’s just for a few minutes, don’t bring him with you for the ride. Your dog is much safer at home where it’s cooler.

Doggy Daycare as an Alternative

When you need to get errands done, consider bringing your pup to doggy daycare for a few hours or more. DoGone Fun offers half-day packages that give you time to take care of your to do list while also keeping your dog safe. Doggy daycare also provides your dog with a chance to be social and get plenty of exercise.

If you’re interested in doggy daycare for your pup, please contact DoGone Fun for more information on our packages.