Dog Park Safety

dogs playing at the dog parkDog parks can provide a place for dogs to burn off energy and be social, but there are certain potential dangers to watch for. Since your dogs will be around unfamiliar dogs and people, it’s important for you to take steps to ensure their safety. Keep the following dog park safety tips in mind anytime you decide to visit one of these places.

Work on Obedience Training

Before heading to the dog park, go over a few basic obedience commands, such as “sit.” Your dogs should be able to follow these commands in an environment that is distracting, which helps ensure that they’ll listen to you in a hectic dog park. Consider taking obedience training classes before bringing your dogs to the park if they haven’t learned these commands yet.

Go During Slower Times

Dog parks can become packed with pups during peak times. This can make it much more difficult to keep an eye on your dogs at all times. If possible, plan on visiting your local dog park when it isn’t as busy. This might mean bringing your dogs there in the morning or afternoon during the week or in the early morning on the weekend.

Always Watch Your Dogs

No matter how much you trust your dogs at home, don’t assume that they’ll behave at the dog park. Be ready to step in and prevent dangerous situations from occurring if your dogs don’t seem comfortable with certain other dogs at the park or if they’re making other dogs nervous, such as when they’re overly excited. Remember that dogs who are nervous or fearful can snap or lunge at other dogs. Watch other dogs for signs of aggressive behavior as well, and leave immediately with your dogs if you see it.

Clean Up After Your Dogs

Bring bags with you to clean up after your dogs whenever they leave feces behind at the dog park. This helps curb the spread of germs that can make dogs and people sick. This also lowers your risk of having you or your dogs step in feces and track these germs into your car or your home.

Dog parks are a great opportunity for your dog to socialize. But dog parks aren’t for every dog. That’s one reason some people bring their pooches to doggy daycare. DoGoneFun provide both ½ day and full day daycare so your dog get the socialization they need.