Dog Food Recall

dog food recallDoes your current dog boarding facility provide food for your dog while they stay there?  Do they feed them premium dog food, or is just something ordinary and maybe not even being of good quality?  Even though your furry baby may be only staying just a few days, it’s important to know what food is in your dog’s bowl.

Making sure that your dogs eat healthy involves more than finding high-quality foods that offer the right nutrients and ingredients. It’s also important to keep an eye out for any dog food recalls that have been issued. Several types of dry dog foods were recently found to have toxic levels of vitamin D, resulting in recalls. Hills Pet Nutrition also recalled canned dog foods for this same reason.

Vitamin D Toxicity in Dogs

The foods in question were found to have elevated amounts of vitamin D. Some dogs who ate these foods developed symptoms of vitamin D toxicity, which can be serious. Some of these symptoms include appetite loss, vomiting, excessive drooling and increased thirst. Complications from vitamin D toxicity can cause dogs to develop kidney failure and other problems that can be fatal. The FDA hasn’t linked any deaths to these foods, but many cases of illness in dogs have occurred.

How to Check for Dog Food Recalls

The FDA keeps track of dog food recalls and provides an updated list for consumers online. You should check this list from time to time to see if any of the brands you feed your pets are on it. If they are, you should stop giving your dogs this food immediately and switch to a different one.

What should you do if the dog food you get hasn’t been recalled, but your pets are showing signs of illness? You should bring your dogs to the vet, especially if they are showing any serious signs of illness, such as symptoms of vitamin D toxicity. You should also give them a different dog food if you believe the food they are eating might be making them ill. You can ask your vet for recommendations on foods that have similar ingredients, so that your dogs can adjust to the new food easily.

If you’re nervous about what your dogs eat, keep in mind that you can bring their regular dog food with them when you board them at DoGone Fun. Contact us for more details on our dog boarding policies.

If you want to know what foods have been recalled, click on the link: for more information.