Dog Daycare vs Bark Parks

two dogs at a dog parkGetting out of your apartment and being around other people and pets is beneficial for both you and your dog. Dog daycare and dog parks both offer places for dogs to socialize and get some fresh air, but which one should you choose? Keep the following information in mind when you’re deciding where to bring your dog for fun and excitement.

Dog Parks

Dog parks in the area provide enclosed outdoor spaces where dogs can roam around and play. While your pup is getting some exercise and making new canine friends, you can meet fellow dog owners and spend time socializing with them. These parks offer a great way for dogs to burn off energy and learn to behave appropriately with other dogs and people.

Dog Daycare

What happens if you aren’t able to get out thanks to bad weather, an illness or a busy schedule? When you can’t head to local dog parks with your pup, consider looking into dog daycare. These facilities also give dogs an enclosed area to play and meet other dogs. They also provide some important benefits for dogs and their owners.

Dog daycare facilities only accept dogs who have updated vaccinations. You don’t know the vaccination status of dogs at the dog park, but you can rest assured that dogs at a dog daycare facility are up-to-date. This helps lower the risk of your dog getting sick from diseases that other dogs can spread. Keep in mind that Chicago area has had problems with canine illnesses, including the past flu outbreak. Being around vaccinated dogs helps your dog avoid these diseases.

Bringing your dog to a dog park means that you have to keep a very close eye on her. This can be hard to do at times, but at a dog daycare facility, it’s not something to worry about. Dogs undergo temperament testing before being allowed to participate in playtime, and all dogs are closely monitored at all times. This helps keep all of these dogs safe from injuries and ensures that they have an enjoyable time playing rather than a stressful one.