Does Diet Solve Some Coat Issues For Dogs

dog food and allergies

Has your dog’s coat seem more dull lately, or does your dog have skin problems? Your dog’s diet could be the culprit. Making some changes to what your dog eats could end up making your dog’s coat shiny again or relieving skin problems.

Poor Quality Pet Food

Some commercial pet foods are made with ingredients that add little nutritional value to your dog’s diet. These foods also have ingredients that are low in quality overall, which can lead to a dull coat or skin problems such as irritation, itchiness or dryness. Switching your pet to a high-quality pet food with healthy ingredients can help bring life back to her coat or ease skin irritation

Allergies and Sensitivities

Some dogs have allergies or sensitivities to ingredients found in commercial pet foods, such as wheat, dairy or even certain meat products. Eating these ingredients can trigger skin problems that cause pets to chew at itchy paws or scratch at itchy skin, which can lead to skin infections. If your pet has allergies or sensitivities, read pet food labels carefully and avoid those ingredients. Once you remove those ingredients from your pet’s diet, you should notice a change in her coat and skin.

Other Tips for a Healthy Coat

Your dog’s coat and skin should improve when you feed her healthy, high-quality food and avoid any allergens or ingredients that cause sensitivities. In addition, you can also keep your pet’s coat in good shape with regular grooming. Brushing your dog’s fur helps distribute natural oils that keep her coat shiny. Bathing from time to time can also help your dog’s coat look its best. If you’re not sure which type of brush to use or if your dog is skittish about baths, professional grooming is a great option to consider. With professional grooming, your dog’s coat and skin can stay in good condition.

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