Cold Weather Pet Safety Tips

winter dogSummer is behind us, along with doggy overheating dangers. However, with winter weather comes new hazards. Dry, cold winter air, freezing rain, snow, and ice can cause a variety of health issues for your canine companion. How can you keep them safe over the season? We’ve got some cold weather pet safety tips you might not have thought of.

Begin the Battle Against Dry, Chapped Skin Early

The cold air outside holds less moisture in the winter. This dryness is compounded by the dry heat of your furnace, increasing the likelihood of chapped, itchy, flaky skin. A home humidifier can help you and your pet avoid this issue.


Get the Right Haircut

Do not shave your canine companion in the winter, or leave him with a wild, overgrown hairdo. Proper winter grooming is essential. Your groomer can recommend the ideal haircut for your dog’s breed to minimize matting and clinging snowballs.


Don’t Overlook the Effects of Snow

It’s easy for dogs, particularly those with long hair, to collect snowballs on their fur and feet following an outdoor romp. To combat matting and paw injuries, be sure to towel dry your dog as soon as he comes inside. Pay special attention to his paws, taking care to remove snow inbetween footpads.


Beware of Ice & Ice Melting Chemicals

After walks in snowy, icy weather, wash and dry your pet’s feet and belly to remove ice-melting chemicals and snowballs, checking paws for redness/irritation. When you purchase these chemicals for your yard, be sure to choose non-toxic pet and child-safe options.


Bathe with Nourishing, Moisturizing Shampoos

Wash to remove chemicals and dirt, but not so often as to strip the oils from your pooch’s skin which will worsen dryness. Massage dog paw healing balm onto your pup’s paws to guard against chemicals.


Bulk Up

It takes extra energy to stay warm. Provide your canine companion a few extra calories during the winter months, as well as plenty of water to combat dehydration.



A minimal investment in sweaters, an outdoor coat, and booties can keep your pet protected and comfortable in winter months. Small and mini breeds especially appreciate these items.


Put Yourself in Your Pet’s Place

Your pup can freeze if left outside or alone in your car. Disoriented, he could easily get lost or seriously injured. If it’s too cold out for you, keep your friend inside in a draft-free space with a warm, cozy bed.


Winterize your pup for the coming season. Schedule pre-season grooming with DoGone Fun today.