Adopting a Research Dog

research dogCould your next dog be a research dog? Dogs that are used for research and lab testing can be adopted into loving homes thanks to legislation that has passed in certain states in recent years, including Illinois. When you visit a shelter or meet with a rescue group, you can ask about research dogs that are up for adoption. Find out more about these pups.

Fate of Research Dogs

Research dogs are typically used for lab testing and research purposes throughout their lives. When they are no longer needed, the common practice has been to euthanize them. Legislators in several states have introduced laws that allow these dogs to be put up for adoption instead. Under these laws, research labs work with rescue groups and non-profit animal organizations to find homes for dogs that are no longer being used for research.

Research Dog Legislation

A total of ten states have passed legislation in the past few years that make it possible for research dogs to be adopted rather than euthanized. These states include Illinois, Connecticut, Delaware, California, Maryland, Minnesota, New York, Nevada, Rhode Island and Washington. Michigan legislators are also working on getting laws passed that will allow this to happen. In addition, a bill recently introduced would allow dogs and cats in federal research facilities to be adopted. These laws have helped many research dogs find homes where they enjoy a much better quality of life.

Benefits of Research Dog Adoption

Why should you consider looking into adopting a research dog? These dogs spend their time in the labs being tested. In some cases, dogs have chemicals poured on them or have devices placed inside them. When they’re not being tested on, they spend their time in cages. Research dogs miss out on the joys of being in a loving home and being able to run around outside and play. Bringing one of these dogs into your home can give them this experience after months or years spent in cages and research labs.

How to Adopt a Research Dog

If you’re interested in adopting a research dog, you can check with rescue groups and non-profit animal organizations in the area. Most dogs used in research are beagles, although hounds and other dogs are sometimes used. The group or organization you adopt from can provide you with advice on how to make sure that your research dog adjusts to life in your home. Proper training, regular grooming, and opportunities to socialize with other dogs are essential parts of keeping your new pet happy and healthy.

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