7 Tips for Pet Costume Safety

Pet Costume Safety

Dressing up your canine companion in a costume can be a lot of fun. However, it can lead to some unexpected dangers. These common costume complications are easily avoided, however, with a little forethought and consideration for pet costume safety.


Keep Your Pet Safe on Halloween with these Pet Costume Safety Tips

  1. Costumes Should Allow Freedom of Movement

    Remember those jeans you outgrew? And those cute shoes that gave you horrible blisters? You hate stuffing yourself into uncomfortable clothes. So does your pet. Choose costumes that do not limit movement, and allow your pooch to see, hear, walk, and bark as normal.

  2. Limit the Time Your Dog Spends in Hats or Shoes

    We think we covered this in number one, but we know how the ‘cuteness factor’ can impair judgement. Sometimes its not about pet costume safety, it’s just about plain ol’ comfort. 

  3. Choose Costumes Made of Non-Toxic Materials

    After eating and sleeping, dogs love to chew things. Especially things that are crinkly and annoying and wrapped around their head and body. If you plan to put your pooch in a getup, make sure it won’t cause any complications if they chew any part of it.

  4. Avoid Costumes with Small, Dangling Accessories

    These can be easily swallowed and lead to intestinal obstruction.

  5. Leave the Costume Out

    Allow your dog to sniff the costume and become familiar with it before wearing it.

  6. Have a Few ‘Practice Sessions’

    These will help your dog get used to their costume before the main event as well as identify any pet costume safety issue you didn’t think of. Give your pooch tons of treats during these sessions, helping them associate the costume with positive experiences. (You should also practice wearing your costume, so it will not overwhelm or stress your pet.)

  7. Costume Paralysis? Tempt with Treats

    If your pet locks up when in-costume, try to tempt it with a few treats or a toy, helping them uncover their ability to move while wearing the outfit.

Remember, If Your Pet’s Not Having Fun, Neither Will You

If your dog is miserable, you may have to pull the plug on a full-costume Halloween. Luckily, your four-legged friend may be fine with other alternatives, such as a festive Halloween themed bandana, bowtie, or collar. For smaller dogs, you may even be able to pull off a costume surround: decorating their stroller or carrier for a safe and stylish ride.

Ready to get your pooch spotlight-ready for the main event? Schedule pre-Halloween bathing and grooming services at DoGone Fun today.