10 Winter Must-Haves for Dogs

dog in snowThe brutal chill of winter is on its way. Is your pooch prepped for the upcoming weather? Your canine needs more than his natural coat to stay cozy and warm this winter season. Make sure you stock up on these essential winter products and services before supplies run out.


  1. Sweaters & Blankets
    Even when the heat is running, you know how great it is to put on a warm cozy blanket or sweater in chilly weather. Treat your pup to a couple of cuddly warm blankets and sweaters this season.
  2. Coats
    While sweaters are great for the indoors, you’ll need something more resilient for your canine companion’s outdoor endeavors. A warm, waterproof coat is a wise investment for the winter season, keeping your canine’s coat warm and clean.
  3. Booties
    Do you like running barefoot through the snow? Neither does your dog. Although he has more built-in protection than your fragile feet, icy surfaces laden with snow-melting chemicals can wreak havoc on his sensitive pads. Licking these chemicals can also make him sick. Waterproof booties are a minor investment compared to a vet bill and will inspire your dog to do more of his duties outside, rather than on your carpet.
  4. Nose & Paw Healing/Protective Balm
    Like lip balm for humans, nose and paw balm for dogs can prevent and soothe cracked noses and paws, and is safe to lick.
  5. Grooming
    Even if your pooch spends most of his time indoors, winter grooming is a must. Dogs with long, overgrown, matted hair are not insulated or warm. Winter grooming is essential to your hound’s health, protecting against hot spots, pain, and infection.
  6. Potty Pads
    For smaller dogs, potty pads are a wise investment in extreme weather situations, safeguarding your micro-pooch from hypothermia in blizzards and sub-zero temperatures.
  7. Insulated/Heated Doghouse
    Like you, your dog likes to crank up the heat sometimes in the winter. If your dog spends a significant amount of time outdoors, he’ll appreciate an insulated, heated doghouse. Whether you go DIY or commercial, make sure your canine has a warm place to nap in winter weather.
  8. Heated Water Bowl
    Heated water bowls ensure your dog stays hydrated during winter romps.
  9. Pet-Safe Ice-Melting Chemicals
    When you treat surfaces in your own yard, opt for pet-safe ice- melting chemicals.
  10. Interactive Food Dispensing Toys
    Interactive food dispensing toys are a fun way to keep your pet active on wintry days, preventing boredom and winter weight gain.


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