10 reasons puppies are not good Christmas gifts

Keeping your dog calm during the holidays

Puppies might seem like the perfect gift to give your family for Christmas, but they’re not a good gift idea. As adorable as they are, they don’t make good Christmas gifts for the following reasons.

1. Holidays are a hectic time as it is, and having a puppy around to care for only makes them more so. You won’t be able to give your new puppy as much attention during this time of year, and puppies need close supervision.


2. Puppies require a lot of commitment and care, so it’s never a good idea to surprise someone with one for Christmas. If you’re giving a puppy to someone who wasn’t expecting one, they might not be ready to provide that kind of care.


3. Puppies aren’t toys, no matter how cute they are. Giving a puppy as a Christmas gift to children can make the wrong impression. Kids should view puppies as a new family member and responsibility, not a new Christmas toy.


4. Winter is a harsh time for puppies to learn how to go potty outside, thanks to the cold and snow. Waiting until spring for a puppy makes house training easier for you and your new pup.


5. You could end up getting a puppy from a puppy mill or backyard breeder if you’re not careful. Puppies from these places are often ill or have other health issues.


6. Puppies given as Christmas gifts are more likely to be dropped off at shelters, especially if they were a surprise gift that the new owner wasn’t prepared for. Some shelters temporarily stop adoptions during the holidays in order to lower the risk of having this happen.


7. Holidays have many hazards for curious puppies, including wires, decorations, dangerous foods and toxic plants. Without close supervision, puppies can end up getting hurt or seriously ill this time of year.


8. Pet care, such as food, veterinary visits and grooming, costs a considerable amount of money. Those who get a puppy as a gift might not be financially prepared for that, especially during Christmas.


9. People should choose their own pet. Since this is a lifetime responsibility, it’s better to let loved ones choose the puppy they want at the right time.


10. There are better options if you know that a loved one wants a dog. Give them a gift certificate for a local animal shelter instead.