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Kennel Coordinator/Playlot handler/Front Desk

Janelly has lived with dogs her whole life. She had a Corgi mix from the time she was born until she was 13. Her corgi was her best friend, which is how her love for dogs began. She would often vacation in Mexico and there were always many stray dogs and she would always feed them and make sure they were well. Even now, whenever she goes back to Mexico, she still tries her best to help the strays.

Janelly currently has two dogs; a Chihuahua mix named Naila and a Pitty mix named China They are the best girls!!

Janelly’s favorite thing about dogs is that they give unconditional love. They are there no matter what. Even when they have no idea how much their kisses are helping you get through tough times.

Jannely wants to work with dogs because all her life she aspired to work somewhere that she will love and she always knew she wanted to work with animals, especially dogs. When she came across DoGone Fun, she knew it was a perfect match for her.