What Do Dog Groomers Actually Do?

Groomed Dog Giving dogs a bath and a good brushing is just part of what professional dog groomers do on a daily basis. From keeping the grooming area clean to giving paw massages, dog grooming involves performing a wide range of tasks.

Customer Service

Taking care of customers is an essential part of being a dog groomer. This means scheduling appointments, answering any questions customers have and ensuring that they’re satisfied with how the grooming session went. Customers want to know that their dogs are being left in good hands when they drop them off for a bath or haircut. Being able to keep both human and canine customers happy is an important aspect of grooming. If dogs are dropped off for the day or for a few hours, groomers make sure they have water and take them for a walk.


Giving dogs baths is one of the most basic parts of dog grooming. Instead of just a quick wash in the tub, dogs at a professional grooming facility are thoroughly shampooed and conditioned to ensure that their skin and coat are free of dirt and debris and properly conditioned to maximize health. Some also offer special types of shampoo, such as whitening or oatmeal shampoos. Drying methods vary from groomer to groomer or with each individual dog. Some dry dogs by hand, while others put them in heated dryers. DOGONE FUN NEVER USES HEATED DRYERS. Heat can damage or dry out a dogs skin and coat. After being dried off, groomers use a brush and/or comb to leave dogs with shiny, mat-free coats.

Haircuts and Hairstyles

Dog groomers give haircuts or do hairstyles based on the dog’s breed or the owner’s preferences. This includes giving haircuts that help purebreds meet breed standards and trimming the fur on long-haired dogs for easy maintenance at home.

Nail Care

Dog groomers trim dogs’ nails to keep them from getting long enough to cause discomfort while walking. Since some dogs are anxious about having their nails trimmed, groomers sometimes need to take special care to make their canine customers feel calmer and more relaxed.

Other Dog Grooming Tasks

Some groomers also do the following:

  • Teeth brushing
  • Ear cleaning
  • Paw massages
  • Nail coloring

Routine Tasks

Dog grooming also includes several routine tasks that must be done on a regular basis. Groomers always make sure the grooming area is kept clean in order to reduce the risk of having germs spread from one dog to another. Tools and equipment are thoroughly cleaned or sterilized, and all hair and nail clippings are swept up.