Seriously? This Dog Fur Is Out of Control!

dog fur on furnitureDogs can shed their coats all year round, although certain times of the year are worse than others. Your dog might shed more often when he’s getting his winter or summer coat, for example. All of this fur tends to end up covering various surfaces around your home, which can be a challenge to clean up. Use the following tips to help you get rid of dog fur in your home throughout the year.

Dog Fur on Your Carpeting and Floors

As your dog walks around your home and lies on the floor, you’re bound to have carpeting or floors that are covered in fur. If you have carpeting, you should be vacuuming frequently to pick up as much fur as possible. Otherwise, dog fur can build up in your carpet and affect its condition overall. If you have bare floors, you should sweep them often and vacuum from time to time as needed. You should also vacuum your curtains in rooms your dog likes to spend time in since fur can stick to this material as well.

Bedding and Upholstered Furniture

If you let your dog jump up on your bed and living room furniture, don’t be surprised at how quickly fur accumulates on these materials. You’ll need to wash bedding frequently, but you can remove fur in other ways as well. Run a lint roller over bed linens and upholstery to eliminate fur, or put on a damp pair of rubber gloves and slide them over these items. The rubber gloves should pick up loose fur, but keep in mind that you’ll have to wash them often.

Wood Furniture

Dog fur can end up on bookshelves and other wood furniture items easily. This fur can build up over time, resulting in a dusty appearance. You can get rid of this fur by wiping a cloth over the surfaces. If you do this frequently, your dog’s fur won’t have a chance to accumulate all over these surfaces.

If you need professional dog grooming in the Chicago area to help control shedding, please contact DoGone Fun. We offer a shed management program that is designed to help your dog maintain a healthy coat and skin while also reducing shedding as much as possible. In fact, this program can reduce shedding by up to 80 percent. Give us a call for more details on this program.