Manage that dog hair with a Grooming Service designed for unruly shedding!

crazy dog groomingIsn’t spring a lovely time of year? The birds are singing and trees are blooming and the dogs are, well, SHEDDING!!! It never ceases to amaze me how much dog hair can accumulate in one day on the floor. I swear I could make a whole new dog, or at least a good sweater and some mittens, with what I sweep up on a daily basis. And if you are like me, you start to choose your clothes for the day based on the color of dog you own! It gets everywhere! But there is a great dog grooming service available at DoGone Fun that addresses this ever-growing issue with dogs – The Shed Management Program.

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The Shed Management Program at DoGone Fun is an 8-10 step grooming program designed to help eliminate 60% to 80% of your dogs’ shedding hair and dander. It utilizes different techniques that will not harm the living hair and skin or cause any discomfort to your dog. The recommended treatment should be repeated every 4-6 weeks, depending on your needs.

We all know how it can be traumatic for a dog to go to the groomer. The Shed Management program at DoGone Fun recommends starting a grooming regimen for your dog as early an age as possible. This will build a positive experience for the dog as he continues to be groomed. He will become accustomed to all the sounds and smells that are involved with the grooming process. If there is any anxiety displayed, the wonderful staff at DoGone Fun ensures to make the dog as comfortable as possible.

Dog shedding is a natural process to ensure and promote healthy regrowth of hair. The Shed Management Program at DoGone Fun does not stop the natural shedding process nor is it a one- time cure. It is an excellent grooming service, designed to help you maintain your dog’s healthy coat and bring that shedding down to a more manageable level.