In Between Grooming Care- Keep A Healthy Coat

dog getting at home grooming careOccasional grooming care visits to a professional groomer can give your dog’s coat a shiny and healthy appearance. However, you should be taking steps at home between these visits to help your dog maintain a healthy coat at all times. Use the following at-home grooming tips for your dog.

Brush Regularly In Between Grooming Care

Brushing your dog’s coat on a regular basis helps it to stay shiny and in good condition. When you brush your dog’s hair, this distributes natural oils through it to keep it from looking dull. Brushing on a regular basis also helps prevent mats from forming, especially if your dog has a long or thick coat. Routine brushing can reduce shedding as well and get rid of dirt on your dog’s skin and hair.

Use the Right Brush

What kind of brush should you use on your dog’s coat? This depends on what kind of coat your dog has.

  • For longer coats, you should use a slicker brush, which helps reduce shedding. You can also use a pin brush with longer pins for a long, curly coat or a bristle brush with wider-spaced bristles.
  • For shorter coats, you can use a pin brush with shorter pins to prevent tangles from forming. You might also want to use a bristle brush with more closely spaced bristles to get rid of debris and dirt.

Consider Using a Comb

Running a comb through your dog’s hair can help remove tangles in between grooming care appointments, especially when she has wet fur. You can also use a comb to divide your dog’s coat into separate layers that make brushing easier. If you’re going to use a comb, make sure you start with the more widely spaced end first. Use the more closely spaced end after removing mats or tangles.

Bathing Tip

If you’re going to bathe your dog, make sure you brush her fur beforehand and afterward. Brushing before a bath helps loosen tangles and dirt while brushing afterward helps prevent wet fur from getting tangled or matted. Avoid frequent baths, which can dry out your dog’s skin.

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