How To Look For And Choose A Dog Groomer

Master Dog Groomer Keeping your dog well-groomed is an important part of caring for her. If your dog isn’t a fan of baths or if her coat needs special care, consider bringing her to professional dog groomers. You’ll be able to have her bathed and brushed and get her hair and nails trimmed without any struggles or fuss.

What to Look For In A Dog Groomer

When you’re looking for dog groomers, make sure you find a clean and reputable facility to bring your dog to. Your pet’s groomer should have the right training, skills and experience needed. While groomers aren’t required to have any type of licensing, there are other credentials you can ask about, such as where they did their training, whether they have any certifications and if they belong to any professional pet grooming organizations.

At DoGone Fun, our grooming manager has Master Grooming and Dermatech Certification, while our groomers have either completed a minimum of 800 hours of professional training or have five or more years of grooming experience. In addition, our groomers receive more training at Animal Career Academy and must pursue continuing education in the pet grooming industry.

Education and professional experience aren’t the only things to look for. Your pet groomer should be able to make your dog feel comfortable if she’s anxious. Before taking your dog to a groomer, ask how they handle puppies, elderly or fearful dogs to get a sense of how well they’ll be able to manage yours.

Common Dog Grooming Policies

Don’t be alarmed if you’re not allowed to stay with your dog while she’s being groomed. This policy is actually for your dog’s and the groomer’s benefit, since some dogs act up when their owners are around. At DoGone Fun, you can still watch your dog being groomed through a window as long as she stays calm.

Not all pet grooming facilities require up-to-date vaccinations, but this can raise the risk of having certain illnesses spread between dogs. At DoGone Fun, we require dogs to have current rabies, bordetella and distemper shots in order to keep all of our clients safe and healthy.

Some pet groomers have a policy of not accepting aggressive dogs or dogs that have bitten people or other animals before. This policy helps keep groomers and other dogs in the facility safe. At DoGone Fun, we generally don’t allow aggressive dogs unless a groomer is comfortable attempting to handle them or they are working directly with our Animal Behaviorist.