Grooming Tips: Keep the Pup Cool In The Summer

keeping the dog cool

As the weather heats up in summer, it’s important to make sure that your dog is able to stay cool. Dogs can get too hot, which puts them at risk of heat stroke and other health problems. Use these grooming tips to help your dog feel cool and comfortable all summer long.

Brush Your Dog Regularly

Dogs can get mats and tangles in their fur during summer, especially if they have longer hair and like to roll around outside a lot. These mats and tangles can make it harder for them to stay as cool as possible while also irritating their skin. Brushing your dog on a regular basis with the right brush can help prevent mats and tangles from being able to form.

Bathe Your Dog

Giving dogs a bath from time to time helps keep their hair and coat in healthy condition throughout summer. This can lower the risk of having mats form, which helps them stay cooler. A bath in lukewarm water can also help cool dogs off after they have been out in the heat. Keep in mind that dogs don’t need baths often, though. Aim to bathe your dog once a month or every few weeks as needed. Brush and comb your dog’s hair before bathing and afterwards.

Consider a Haircut

Dogs with longer or thicker coats might have an easier time staying cool in summer with a haircut. Consider having your dog’s coat trimmed if it’s a longer or thicker one, especially if you plan on spending a lot of time outdoors with your pup. Have a professional groomer handle this, so that it’s done properly and safely.

Cut Your Dog’s Nails

Trimming a dog’s nails won’t keep them cooler in summer, but it can help them feel more comfortable. If your dog will be running around outside, having shorter nails is important. Longer nails can cause discomfort and get snagged on surfaces, which can cause them to tear.

If your dogs need grooming this summer, please contact DoGone Fun to find out more about our professional dog grooming services.