Winter Weather Grooming Tips

winter weather grooming

In the cold winter months, it’s easy to minimize the importance of winter weather grooming since your pup spends most of their time inside. Many owners also mistakenly believe it is necessary to let a dog’s winter coat grow thick for protection in winter weather.These misconceptions, however, can lead to health problems in your canine companion. Grooming in winter months may be more critical than at other times of the year.

Why Winter Weather Grooming is Essential

Long coats do not inherently ‘winterize’ your dog. Sending your ungroomed dog out in the winter to return with long, soggy, matted hair will cause your pooch to be cold, wet, uncomfortable, and susceptible to infections. Matted fur does not provide insulation and warmth. It leads instead to discomfort, hot spots, pain, and potential infections below the skin that can cause your pup unnecessary suffering.

A Well-Groomed Dog is Beautiful from the Inside – Out

Grooming is essential to your dog’s good health, keeping him in top condition. What grooming tasks can ensure a healthy pup in the cold winter months?

  • Paw Protection

    Snow, salt, mud, and cold temperatures are a recipe for cracked pads, irritation, and infection. Feet must be wiped and cleaned after every outing, particularly between pads. Purchasing inexpensive waterproof dog booties can make this task easier.

  • Moisturizing Baths

    Dogs often need more grooming in the winter to control mud, tame matted fur, and control skin dryness. Giving your dog moisturizing baths is a great way to relieve dry, chafed winter skin and manage matted fur. Using a gentle dog-friendly shampoo and highly moisturizing conditioner are recommended. Be sure to keep your dog indoors following baths until completely dry to guard against hypothermia.

  • The Right Winter Hairstyle

    While dogs do rely on their coats to stay warm outdoors in the winter, most live in a heated home. Keeping their coat trimmed can keep your pooch more comfortable indoors. If you’re concerned about the occasional outdoor outing, a doggie sweater or coat could work.

  • Regular Brushing

    Winter coats can hide health hazards. Regularly brush your pup’s coat to remove loose hair, tangles, and distribute skin oils. Watch for lumps, bumps, and sores, calling your vet if you spot any issues.

  • Timely Nail Trims

    Nails can overgrow in the winter when they’re not worn down by outdoor activity.

Keep your dog beautifully healthy year-round. Contact DoGone Fun and book your pup a winter weather grooming session today.