Dog Grooming Salons – The Stylish Way to Care for Your Dog

dog groomerYou know how good you feel after a day at a spa? Relaxed and energized, ready to take on the world, right? Why not pass that good feeling onto your dog! Dog Grooming Salons are popping up everywhere it seems, offering everything from “peticures” to aromatherapy!

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What? Aromatherapy for your Dog?

Now, the aroma part I can relate to in a BIG way! I know dogs can have a long and distinguished array of scents to them – and most are not pleasing to the human nose. But have you ever noticed your dog getting less social when that scent permeates everything in the house? I can only surmise, they don’t like it either! With the sense of smell dogs have, we’ve found that some dogs are actually more social after aromatherapy! Who knew?

From Doggie Baths to Doggie Spas- the evolution

Dog Grooming Salons have evolved from your basic dog wash of years gone by. There are new and innovative products coming on the market that cater specifically to canines. Just like for humans there are special shampoos/conditioners for different hair types. The Dog Grooming Salon at DoGone Fun in Chicago offers a huge selection of services from a basic wash to a full blown style! But more importantly, their dog groomers are certified and have invested a lot of time perfecting their craft. There has always been something special and creative about a person that chooses to work specifically with dogs and now there is a whole new world of style for them.

Just like the difference between just getting a trim or getting a style, a hair cut makes us look better or worse if we’re unlucky enough to get an uncreative hair stylist. At DoGone Fun, we have some of the most creative dog stylists around. They take the time with each one of their ”clients” to get to know them and know which styling technique is appropriate for their specific breed. They ensure the safety of your pet with care and dignity, giving attention to the temperament and personality of each dog. Not too many German shepherd’s I know want to look like a Toy Poodle! Dogone Fun’s Grooming Manager, Dan, has even won national awards in Dog Grooming competitions and teaches classes at national grooming conferences!

The old saying “a clean dog is a happy dog” still holds true. At DoGone Fun we take it further and show that a stylish dog is a happier dog!!