Dog Grooming Offers More Than Just a Bath!

poodle groomingProfessional dog grooming offers more than just a good bath, there are many health benefits too. We all know it takes a special person that chooses to spend their life caring for animals. But these people are also trained to be on the lookout for potential problems with your dog’s health as well.

During the bathing process, the dog groomer can see things that we, as dog owners, just aren’t trained to see. Taking your dog to the groomer on a regular basis allows them to see any changes that may be occurring in the coat and on the skin. In the bath, a well-trained groomer will check every part of your dog’s body for fleas and ticks or other parasites.

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Fleas are easy to spot in the large basins that professional groomers use and they are easily drowned using the correct products and water (DGF uses only gentle and mild products on your pooch rather than harsh pesticides).

Ticks are spotted in the drying process. The dryer actually can split the fur in lines so the groomer can easily inspect the skin for any ticks that may be present. They can be safely removed during this process.

The groomer can also recognize when something may be a little more serious, like any abnormal lesions or rashes, and can refer you to the vet for more intense treatment. The drying process has another benefit too because it can remove the “dead”coat or undercoat while protecting the healthy hair that is thriving in the growth cycle.

Another benefit to having your dog professionally groomed is ear mite detection. Dog’s ears are extremely sensitive and are a haven for bacteria and ear mites. Ear mites are microscopic bugs that form in dirt inside the caverns of the dog’s ear. They cause redness and itching that can be painful, even severe. It is not safe for someone that is not trained to attempt to clean inside a dog’s ear. Not only could you damage the ear but you run the risk of actually pushing the mites further down the ear canal which can lead to major problems. All these processes lead to early detection of any problems and promote disease prevention.

The biggest benefit is cost savings. You may think that taking your dog to the pet spa is a luxury that only celebrities do, but you couldn’t be more wrong. Professional dog grooming is a growing industry that is available to everyone on every budget. The industry requires its workforce to be trained and in some cases certified. They can spot any problems with the dog’s skin, coat, teeth and eyes early and can most likely treat it during the bathing process. This alleviates the need to incur large vet bills and will save you money.

Dog grooming is essential to the health and well-being of your best furry friend. Make an appointment with DoGoneFun and let them show you all the benefits dog grooming has to offer. Your dog will thank you for it!