Dog Grooming is essential after a long hard winter.

"What a winter we have had!! As we begin to emerge from hibernation after this long cold winter, we see what this weather has done to our own skin and hair. It’s no different for our dogs! Dogs endure the same, if not worse, conditions we do in winter. Their skin and coat are exposed to frigid cold going for that walk, and then to the other extreme of dry heat in the house. Proper dog grooming is essential to preserve their health for a long and happy life.

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Nobody really wants to get out in the weather but as our licensed dog groomer, Daniel Vaughn says “People tend to hold off getting the cut/style due to cold weather. This increases the potential for matting/tangling… The longer they wait for a thorough spa session increases the potential damage to coat/skin.” So you may have put it off during the bitter cold, but it’s time to get back into the swing of things to avoid having to take drastic measures during the grooming process.

Professional dog grooming services are a great way to help little Fido get through the winter and get a spring back in his step. Short hair dogs shed just as much as long hair dogs in the winter, even though you may not see the evidence. They need to be brushed at least three times a week with a dog brush in between dog grooming sessions to keep their coat shiny and healthy. Long hair dogs need some special TLC. They need brushing more often as dry skin can flake and get trapped causing skin irritation. Our dog groomer knows that a dogs’ skin is ultra-sensitive in winter so it is imperative to keep up with proper grooming maintenance. We offer a Deep Conditioning service that helps lift dead skin as well as moisturize the skin and hair.

Nail clipping is also essential to maintain good health for your pup. Since they are not out running around as much in winter it’s easy to overlook their nails. Our professional dog groomers know how the nails grow and they know how to clip them without causing damage to the nail quick. A good professional clip, file and buff can also save your hardwood floors!

Not only does your dog really enjoy a trip to the dog spa, grooming helps you too. With our Shed Management system there will be a whole lot less doggie fur during your spring cleaning. Who couldn’t use a little help with that?

Regular trips to our dog grooming salon is not just a treat. Our salon exists purely because we love dogs and want them to be happy and healthy. Your dog is a member of your family (and ours) and this winter has been brutal for everyone! Now that spring is upon us, bring that special ball of fur into our dog grooming studio for a good bath and a “peticure” and he will reward you with good health and a happy life!