The differences in grooming different dogs

grooming menu imageGrooming is a routine part of being a dog owner, but the way you do it depends on certain factors, such as your dog’s temperament. Some dogs don’t mind getting their fur trimmed or their nails clipped, while others become nervous or even aggressive about it. Keep the following information on pet grooming in mind when it’s time to take care of your dog.

Timid or Nervous Dogs

Dogs that are timid by nature usually don’t enjoy being groomed, so it’s important to help them feel comfortable. Some dogs become anxious or nervous when they are being handled for grooming. Even dogs that are normally friendly or playful can get nervous when they are having their hair cut or their nails trimmed. When grooming dogs that are nervous or timid, it’s crucial to make the experience a positive one. You can do this by gently talking to them and giving them a favorite treat. This can help dogs overcome their nervousness about being groomed.

Energetic Dogs

Dogs with a lot of energy can be challenging to groom. You might have a hard time getting your dog to stay still, which can be even harder to deal with in larger breeds. Give yourself more time when you’re trying to groom a dog that is hyper or energetic. You’ll need this extra time to calm your dog down enough for safe grooming. Consider having your dog run around and play before grooming to help reduce his energy levels.

Aggressive Dogs

Some dogs try to bite or snap while being groomed. This can be due to their temperament, but some dogs might do this if they have an injury or an underlying health issue that is causing them pain. If your dog becomes aggressive during pet grooming, have a vet check for health issues. If there aren’t any health problems causing this behavior, you might need to help your dog get used to being handled while being groomed. Staying calm but firm with dogs and giving them time to adjust to being handled is usually an effective way to deal with this behavior.

If you’re having a hard time grooming, having a professional pet groomer take care of bathing, haircuts and nail trims might be a better option. Some pet groomers are experts at dealing with dogs of all temperaments, including shy ones and aggressive ones.