Are There Dog Grooming Standards?

dog grooming standards

Do professional dog groomers follow standards when it comes to styling and grooming pets? While dog groomers in general aren’t required to do so, there are certain standards that some follow. These standards help ensure that these groomers provide high-quality grooming services in a safe and ethical manner.

Professional Dog Grooming Standards

The Professional Pet Groomers and Stylists Alliance (PPGSA) developed standards of care for professional groomers to follow. This group of organizations in the pet grooming industry created a set of standards to encourage professional groomers to strive for a high level of care. These standards cover safety, sanitation and other aspects of pet grooming, such as facility standards.

Although pet groomers do not have any formal requirements to meet these standards, those who follow them show a commitment to your pet’s safety while under their care. When you bring your dog to a groomer who meets these professional standards, this can provide you with peace of mind.

Types of Grooming Standards for Pets

What kinds of standards do some dog groomers follow? The standards that the PPGSA developed include work standards, facility standards and general standards. For example, pet groomers must treat all pets in their care humanely and maintain a clean facility. According to these standards, pet grooming facilities must use products, equipment and tools that are considered safe for pets.

Standards of care also include keeping track of records for each client and maintaining these records for at least one year after service. Any incident reports that are written up must be kept for at least three years. These dog grooming facilities must have emergency protocols in place, keep a first aid kit on hand and have contact information for local emergency animal hospitals and veterinary clinics. Following the PPGSA standards helps reduce the risk of serious injuries during grooming and also helps ensure that pets are treated with care while being groomed and styled.

If your pets need grooming, contact DoGone Fun for more information. Our groomers follow dog grooming standards to ensure safety and high quality for your pets.