Animal Career Academy

Hands-on training experience for a career working with animals isn’t just for those studying to be veterinarians or vet techs. It’s also important for those who want to pursue other types of dog-related careers, such as becoming a groomer or obedience trainer. Animal Career Academy (ACA) in Chicago’s South Loop provides this type of valuable training.

About Animal Career Academy

ACA gives students a chance to take classes that are directly related to the kind of work they want to do, as well as other classes that focus on other aspects of working with dogs. In addition, students receive an education on business fundamentals that help them run their own successful business. ACA offers opportunities for students to put what they’ve learned about animal care in the classroom to use at DoGone Fun. Our full service dog facility has partnered with ACA in order to provide students with hands-on learning experience. At DoGone Fun, students have a chance to work with more than 125 dogs a day. This illustrates ACA’s philosophy of giving animal lovers the means to improve the care they provide dogs with and enrich their lives.

ACA Programs

ACA offers several animal care and behavior courses that students can sign up for. Examples of career certificate programs include:

Benefits of Attending Animal Career Academy

Pet care careers in grooming, massage and training are largely unregulated and don’t require any formal training. While this makes it easy to start a career, it also makes it more difficult to gain the trust of potential clients. Taking courses and completing an ACA career certificate program is one way for groomers, massage therapists and trainers to show clients that they have put in the time and training necessary to provide their pets with reliable care. It also shows that these professionals are committed to pursuing continuing education as techniques within their field of study change. ACA stays current with these techniques and adjusts their course material accordingly.

Taking ACA classes or teaching them is what helps set DoGone Fun staff members above the competition. Several of our staff members have benefited from taking courses at ACA, and our head groomer Dan is one of the academy’s teachers. With the important learning opportunities ACA provides, our staff has been able to stay committed to offering high-quality dog care services.