10 Tips To “Winterize” Your Pooch

winterize your poochWith winter coming right around the corner, it’s time to start getting your dog ready. Use the following tips for winterizing your pet.

Brush Your Dog’s Coat:

Brushing regularly removes mats and dead hair, leaving your dog with a healthier coat that provides better insulation from the cold.


Keep a Towel Handy:

Wipe your dog’s paws after you come inside after walks. This helps remove salt and snow or ice from your dog’s paws and reduces the risk of irritation.


Buy a Pair of Booties:

If you’re worried about salt or snow on your dog’s paws, consider getting a pair of booties made for dogs. These help protect your dog’s paws by keeping them warm and dry when you go out walking.


Dry Your Dog’s Ears:

Wet or damp ears are a breeding ground for bacteria that can cause ear infections. In order to lower the risk of these infections, dry your dog’s ears with a towel when you’ve both been outside.

Get a Doggy Coat:

A doggy coat provides your pup with extra warmth when you go for walks in winter. Dogs with thick coats usually don’t need this added warmth, but dogs with shorter or thinner coats should have a coat or jacket on.

Grab an Extra Blanket:

If your dog has a thinner coat, keep an extra blanket around in the house. This helps keep your dog cozy during winter.

Have Extra Water Available:

When you come back in from walks, have plenty of water available. Your dog will need it to cool down after wearing a coat or other layers outside.

Watch for Salt:

If possible, avoid walking your dog on sidewalks or in other areas that have salt on them. Salt can irritate your dog’s paws.

Stock Up on Treats:

Dogs burn through calories more often in winter in order to keep themselves warm. Have treats around to give your dog after going for walks or playing in the snow.

Keep Outside Time Short:

Don’t stay outside too long, or your dog could end up with hypothermia or frostbite. Keep outdoor time limited in winter.