Is there training involved? If so, what kind?

Daycare staff reinforce positive behaviors throughout the day. While participating in daycare, dogs are encouraged to exhibit appropriate play styles, to respond to their name quickly, and practice basic obedience and manners.

  • Practicing Recall – Staff call dogs’ names during play and ask them to come.
  • Positive Reinforcement – Pats and cuddles to reward appropriate behaviors.
  • Rough Play – Staff use time-outs to demonstrate that certain behaviors are not tolerated while playing. For example: guarding toys, bullying, mounting, excessive mouthing, excessive barking, etc. Time outs are also used to provide dogs some time to calm themselves down in order to prevent over-excitement. During a time-out dogs are placed in the entry holding area or moved to the kennel.

DoGone Fun offers many training programs to help with obedience, socialization or specialized concerns. For more information, ask to speak with our behaviorist, Judit.