Walking – FAQ

Walking/Sitting – FAQ


Are your caregivers bonded and insured?

Yes. All of our caregivers are thoroughly background checked, bonded and insured. Each one has experience in caring for pets and conducts business with honesty and integrity.

How much does a walk cost?

Each individual walk is $20. The cost of each regular walk is $14.50 when purchased in a package of 10, or $14.00 when purchased in a package of 20. For a more detailed break-down of our rates  click here.

Can I become a client without a set schedule?

Absolutely! Even with a package we do not require a set schedule. We are typically very flexible in accommodating our clients changing schedules. We do ask that you notify us 12 hours in advance to schedule a walk, however we know that things come up and will do our best to accommodate you and your pooch on short notice. If you have a scheduled walk the next day we require that it is cancelled by 9 PM the day before.

Is my dog walked with others?

No. Your dog receives individual walks and one-on-one attention. However, we do have owners who specifically request that their dog be allowed to play safely with other dogs.

Does my dog get walked by the same person every time?

Generally, yes. We feel it is very important that your pet’s care be consistent and aligned with your initial plan. However, sometimes it may be necessary to substitute one of our other staff, which is why we may have your walker introduce your dog to other members of our team.

What areas do you serve?

We currently walk dogs in the South Loop.

How long is my walk?

Each walk allows for 30 minutes with your dog. Depending on how much time is required to leash up your dog, provide fresh water and any other requests you may have, we are walking your dog typically 20-25 minutes. If the weather is bad, we will take your dog out for “potty break” and spend the rest of our time cuddling or playing with your dog.