Not Every Dog Walker Is The Same

dog walker with dogsHiring a dog walker is an option to consider, since they can go over to your place and take your dog for walks when you’re not home. However, you shouldn’t hire just anyone for this job. Keep the following information in mind if you’ve been thinking of hiring a dog walker for your pup.

Problems with Dog Walkers

Not all dog walkers have the skills, training or patience to expertly handle dogs during walks. If your dog is highly energetic or very fearful, this can present certain challenges that some dog walkers might not be good at dealing with. If your dog walker has to walk multiple dogs at a time, it’s also important to make sure you find one who can keep all dogs safe during walks. You’ll also want to find a dog walker who pays close attention to your dog and can react quickly if any dangers come up, such as a run-in with an unfriendly dog.


Finding a Dog Walker

How can you find a good dog walker that you trust your dog with? When you start looking around, you might notice that there are plenty of people advertising themselves as professional dog walkers. You should ideally look for a dog walker who is bonded and insured, which helps protect you from liability if something happens, such as a dog bite or another injury. You should also find a dog walker who is open to meeting you and your dog first.


Meeting Dog Walkers

Meeting a dog walker you’re thinking of hiring is a good way to see how they interact with your dog. The right dog walker should make your dog feel comfortable. When you meet with them, you should let them know all about your dog, such as whether or not she has any behavioral issues or health issues. This meeting can help you determine if you’ve found a dog walker who is trustworthy and responsible enough to handle your dog.